Home Purchasing Tip:

Before looking for a home to purchase, stop by your favorite financial lender and get yourself prequalified. After this process you'll know how much you have to work with or where your boundaries are.

Welcome to Clintonville Homes

Dear Valued Customer,

I would like to report to you a change in business philosophies at Clintonville Homes that will save you THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS on your new home purchase. In January of 1997, my partner and I opened Clintonville Homes. Since then, we have sold over 450 homes. Just over 10 years ago, Clintonville Homes had over 40 homes on display at our lot. We had my partner, myself, a secretary, three salespeople, and five setup people as employees. During the last four years, our economy has been poor at best spearheaded by the "housing bubble". I don't have to tell you, financing was tough and finding a qualified person to purchase your existing home(if you owned one) was tougher. Now, since the end of 2012, we sold our final display model. Clintonville Homes will no longer have lot models. We will no longer have employees. I will now have you use the internet to look at my website, my manufacturer's websites, and my manufacturers' floor plan brochures as tools for assisting you with your home purchase.


Clintonville Homes' goal is to minimize fixed costs such as wages, interest, insurance, utilities, mortgages, taxes, and other expenses. Those fixed cost savings, are savings that will be passed on to YOU! My thought process is this: Would you rather have an experienced modular and manufactured dealer with low fixed costs, that passes those savings on to you, and that will save you thousands of dollars on your home purchase, or would you rather have an experienced modular and manufactured dealer with models to look at and that charges you thousands more on your home purchase, because they need to pay for their higher fixed costs? If you want to save money on you home purchase, see me!!!! If you need to touch, feel, and see the home in advance, and pay thousands more, see everyone else. I know of no other dealer in the state at this time, that is set up like myself to save you money. In this economic environment, it is my personal thought, that saving money rules over touch and feel. What are your thoughts?


Clintonville Homes will be charging two FLAT FEES above your invoice cost. One flat fee will be for modular and manufactured double wide homes and one flat fee will be charged for manufactured single wide homes. It will not matter what size your home is or how many options you wish to have. For those fees, Clintonville Homes will provide two things. First, we will provide you the opportunity to purchase your home from one of our three Manufacturers. One, Commodore Homes (www.commodore-indiana.com) which has both modular and manufactured homes. Two, Rochester Homes(www.RochesterHomesInc.com) which has modular homes only. And three, Stratford Homes (www.stratfordhomes.com) which has modular homes only.

Second, we will provide you with guidance to walk you through your building process. If you want to have others do all the work, we will provide you with general contractor options that you can choose from to complete you project. If you want to use your own personal general contractor, that's fine also. The means of saving the most money on your project, will be for you to personally get involved with it. I've found that besides saving yourself money, you get a tremendous amount of personal pride and personal accomplishment with doing the project yourself. With my experience, I will walk you through the process step by step. I can give you options for basement people, excavating people, plumbers, electricians, septic people and other subcontractors needed for your project that you can choose from. You can use all of your own subcontractors if you prefer. Having professional friends and relatives as subcontractors can lead to discounts and savings. Please make sure they are qualified for any work you have them do. Getting your own bids lets you know exactly the costs of each subcontractor. No added costs are incurred because you are getting the bids yourself. This will keep your project costs to an absolute minimum, which is your goal and my goal for you.

Clintonville Homes will visit your site three times. After signing the contract, we'll visit your site with you to advise you on home placement options. Next, we'll visit your site with you and your subcontractors to determine a game plan and make sure everyone is on the same page for what needs to be completed. Finally, we'll meet with you on set day to assure a smooth installation process.

This is Clintonville Homes' new business plan for you, our customers. No one else is doing it in the state that I am aware of. It is designed to minimize your building costs to the absolute lowest cost. For your modular or double wide home, it will save you at least $5000.00 in total project costs. I believe it will probably save you $10,000.00 in total project costs. With your largest home purchases, it could save you over $15,000.00 in costs. If you are building a new home in the next 9 months, e-mail me at swetts@clintonvillehomes.net or call me at 877-801-8391. I look forward to hearing from you and working with you.

Steve Wetts-Owner